Be Thankful!

Colossians 3:15 tells us to be thankful! Then Paul gives us a little clue as to how to do that. Develop a relationship of peace in our hearts. Devote ourselves to knowing the word of God. Do our service in Jesus name!

Now What?

All the hype of the election is over, Donald Trump will be our new president. Now what? I hope we will learn from the past. The Church as a hole fell asleep over the last 10 years and we narrowly avoided a disaster in our country. What would our country look like 4 years from now had a president been able to put Supreme Court Justices in place who favor abortion on demand and desire to change the definition of traditional family? Did God allow events to deteriorate to the point that we would be driven to our knees in prayer? And what would the election outcome have been had we not gone to God in prayer? Now what? We had better stay on our knees in prayer, our we might not be able to overcome the next round of attacks!

Exhausted but smiling

It’s November 1st, October is over and so is our fall outreach. We had a great time last night! The weather was great, just a little chill in the air, but no rain. At 6 O’clock the siren went off and it was a little slow at the start. Then all of a sudden it seemed like the line would never end. We gave out over 1,300 cups of hot chocolate, we where able to give out 1,000 gospel presentations, which was all we had prepared, and we gave out 1,200 invitations with the November sermon series on it. Now it is time for prayer – pray God would touch hearts with the gospel.