Christmas 2014

It’s hard to believe that Christmas 2014 has come and gone. So much work, effort, hype, planning goes into Christmas. On the personal side there are cards to get mailed, decorations to hang, tree to put up, list to prepare, presents to buy and wrap, food to prepare, and so on. For work there are schedules, parties, dinners and other events. For school there are gifts for teachers, parties, concerts, field trips, and days off to navigate. At church there are special services, cantatas (whatever those are), rehearsals, plays, parties, dinners, and other events. By the time Christmas actually gets here we are exhausted, way to tired to celebrate the birth of Christ, or worship the new born king. Yet I hope you were able to worship the Christ Child this season. I also hope you are preparing for a new year filled with new possibilities.

We made it through another Black Friday!

Thanksgiving has almost gotten lost in the sea of shopping deals. Orange Wednesday, Brown Thursday, Black Friday, Small business Saturday and of course Cyber Monday. Some how in the middle of the shopping frenzy we are supposed to sit down and eat a huge meal and give thanks. I hope your Day was more than just a meal between trips to the store, but truly a time to stop and reflect on how good God has been, how He continues to bless our lives, even when we don’t deserve it.