Making the most

Ephesians 5 tells us we need to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. Sunday we talked about one aspect of opportunities that we are faced with everyday. The opportunity to be a witness. Jesus said you will be my witness, not you need to be my witness. By definition, we are all witnesses of Jesus, the question is what kind of witness are we? Are we a good and positive witness, or are we a poor witness? Do we truly reflect Jesus in an accurate and positive light, or do people get a distorted view of God by looking at us? The way I can make the most of every opportunity is to positively reflect the light of Christ in the dark world that I live in.

Unanswered Prayer

How often have we gone to God in prayer with hopes of Him moving in a special way. We spent the last week in prayer concerning the weather. October 31st is a big deal in the neighborhood of our church. They close off the streets, and hundreds of people come in from all over to “trick or treat”. We have used the opportunity to reach out to our community with popcorn, hot chocolate, candy, gospel tracts, and church invites. The 5 day forecast called for rain on the 31st. So we began to pray that it wouldn’t rain. Rain means less people that we can reach out to. The weather evolved through the week, it went from rain to a rain snow mix with plummeting temperatures and gusty winds. That’s not what we wanted God, did He not hear our prayers, did He choose to ignore them, or did He have a better plan? As the evening approached, my spirits were a little down, all this hard work and preparation, was it only for just a small group of people? As the siren went off to begin the night, people came out, and they kept coming. We ran out of hot chocolate, then made more. People were appreciative of the fire ring we had in the parking lot so they could warm up. We went through 30 gallons of hot chocolate, passed out over 900 invite cards and gospel tracts. By all estimations we had between 1,500 and 2,000 people go through out parking lot. The cold windy weather seemed to bring people out to our lot. Thank you God for your seemingly unanswered prayer.