The Miracle of Life

Life is so precious, and we as a church got to enjoy the beauty of it this last Sunday. Baby dedication is one of my favorite services, parents proudly holding God’s blessing for the church to see. Jake was dedicated on Sunday, an answer to 10 years of prayers. He was so perfect, 10 little fingers and toes, sleepy little eyes, snuggled up with mom, really not having any idea what was going on. One day he will see the pictures, watch the video and understand how much his parents loved him. They loved him enough to give him back to God, to be used for His kingdom. The question we need to ask ourselves is not whether we were dedicated when we were babies, but have we as rational thinking adults given ourselves over to God to be used for His kingdom?

The day the cemetery came to life

You might be thinking of Lazarus, or even Easter Sunday, but I was thinking of something a little less spiritual. The Oakwood cemetery in Northville was filled with activity on Sunday.
Sixteen different people dressed up as individuals buried in the cemetery during the 1800’s, and told their life stories. The common thread of all these people was The First Baptist Church of Northville. Among the group was 3 Pastors, 4 Doctors, a Revolutionary War soldier, 2 Civil War soldiers, a land speculator, and a couple that lost 3 sons in the Civil War. Around 150 people went through the cemetery in groups of 15-20 over a 5 hour period. This event gave us the opportunity to share with the community how this church impacted this area over 150 years ago. Thanks to all who helped!

Busy Weekend

Sometimes busy is a good thing and at other times it is a bad thing. We can get busy do crazy unimportant things and get worn out so we cant do the important things. We can also get so busy doing good things that we get fatigued and are unable to function. It is my hope that we don’t get to either of those places. But having said that we have busy weekend planned here at First Baptist. Saturday morning is our men’s prayer breakfast, Then Sunday is our normal worship schedule in the morning. On Sunday afternoon we will be hosting the Cemetery Walk at the Oakwood Cemetery in downtown Northville. From 2pm to 6pm 10 different characters will be portrayed. All of these people are buried in the cemetery, but had connections to First Baptist. Hope to see you this weekend.