Unexpected Blessing

Sunday was a day of blessing.  We knew many people were out of town, one of the last weekends of the summer.  In our series of Peter we came to a passage dealing with baptism.  I don’t know if I have ever preached an entire sermon on baptism before, usually mentioning it in various sermons though.   But I didn’t feel I could preach an entire sermon on baptism without giving people a chance to respond.  So we planned spontaneous baptism.  Can you plan spontaneous?  We had the baptistery full, towels, robes and clothes to wear under the robes.  At the conclusion of the service gave an opportunity for anyone who had trusted Christ but never followed in Believers Baptism to do so.  During the last verse of the invitation God moved in a young ladies heart and she came forward.  As we headed down to the changing rooms, another young lady followed down the steps and shared that she wanted to be baptized as well.  Both had been saved years earlier but never followed up with Baptism.  It was a joy to baptize them as they took this step of obedience.

Life Remodeled

This week is the historic week for “Life Remodeled”. Hundreds of churches will be heading into Detroit to help revitalize one hundred square blocks of Detroit. I’ll be going down on Wednesday and Thursday to do some grunt work.  This is a great opportunity to show the Love of Christ in a tangible way. You can still join in by going to liferemodeled.com and registering.

Duty or opportunity?

This week I have had the opportunity to fulfill two duties of being a United States citizen. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to vote for individuals that may possibly lead our county, state and country.  My other opportunity has been to serve on jury duty.  It was this second opportunity that has touched my heart to the incredible need of Jesus Christ in our society.  Not only the nature of the case, but also in the process of jury selection.  Of the 30 plus people we heard from a very small minority were married.  Many were divorced or single raising children.  Many were unemployed, others gave heart wrenching reasons why they couldn’t serve.  Sometimes I get insulated from the great needs of the world by spending so much time in church, our world needs Jesus now, not sometime in the future. How will we respond to this great need?

Men’s Breakfast

This Saturday is our monthly men’s Breakfast only this time there is a twist.Breakfast is at 9:00 at the church. After breakfast instead of our normal Bible study and prayer time we are headed out for adventure.  We will be going canoeing out at Kensington Metro Park.  The cost is $30 per canoe and the trip is about 2 hours.    Hope all you men will be with us this Saturday!