Power in the Church

Normally when we talk about power in the church we are referring to the Holy Spirit or some aspect of God’s moving.  But this last Sunday we came to church to find we didn’t have electrical power.  Sunday School was almost unbearable for some, no way to make coffee! Yet in the pioneer spirit we managed to make it through.  With lanterns in the bathrooms and battery candles on the steps we made it work.  There was a great spirit in the service as we held church without lights, amps, microphones, power point, projectors and of course air conditioning.  Thank you to the greatest worship/praise team that improvised and allowed us to worship.  Looking forward to see what God will give us this coming Sunday.

Not just another pretty face

This Sunday we will be back in our series on “Peter the Rock Man” looking at spiritual growth.  By the time Peter had written the book of 1 Peter he had grown immensely in his faith, and shares some critical insights to how we can grow in our faith.

See you at 10:45

VBS weekend

What a great weekend we had at VBS! Sunday morning’s service was awesome.  The kids loved the songs and the games, but I think some adults even had more fun than the kids. Who wouldn’t like a rocket relay race in church? I hope that everyone  who was here will keep their new flashlight in a place that is visible so we remember the aspect of reflecting God’s light everywhere we go.  Have a great week!


VBS is almost here, just a few days until we Blast Off for our weekend adventure.  If you haven’t registered you can send an email, call the office, or just register when you get here on Friday.  Friday starts at 6:30 pm.  See you there!

4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend we had!  Walking in the Northville parade, we were able to pass out 3,000 tracts, along with invites to church and VBS.  Then back at church we served up close to 700 hotdog lunches to people in the community.  The weather was beautiful, the day was just perfect.  Thanks to all who worked so hard on the float, candy bags and lunch.